If You Don’t Train ‘Em, Don’t Blame ‘Em.













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25 years of professional dog training

For over 25 years, Mark Gibson has been a professional dog trainer and has a near encyclopaedic knowledge of dog training. Regardless of the dog’s quirks, problems, age, or energy level, he can bring out the best in your canine friend. Mark has even successfully trained dogs over 10 years of age! Over the years, Mark’s outstanding reputation as a dog trainer has earned him a spot in numerous newspaper articles and radio interviews, featuring his training expertise.

Getting YOU involved in training

Mark believes that training involves more than just the dog and trainer – it involves YOU. During the training process, teaching the owner is just as important as training the dog. That’s why Mark will review your progress and clearly explain the dos and don’ts of training to help you successfully train your dog. He hosts private classes with just you and your dog in the convenience of your own home and conducts all of his own classes.


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