3 Habits to Start to Cement Your Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

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3 Habits to Start to Cement Your Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

On January 1st, a slew of people make resolutions and goals for the coming year. It’s a time of reinvention and excitement while we ponder how to improve our lives. While some hold fast and true, others may slack or set goals too lofty to attain. For the success stories, tying resolutions to new routines and habits is key. If you’d like to create some new routines to help your dog’s training, here are some ideas:

Training Time Every Day 

The best Las Vegas dog trainer will tell you that the best training, is consistent training. Pick a time, every day, that will be training time for you and your dog. Then, stick to it. Your training time doesn’t have to be long. Usually, 10 to 15 minutes daily works perfectly. And, if you’re struggling to find a place in your routine for training time, try placing it immediately after something you already have a habit of doing (like brushing your teeth, drinking a second cup of coffee, or dinnertime).

Consistent Exercise Time Every Day

Your dog also needs enough exercise time, every day, in order to think and focus well. Your puppy trainer in Las Vegas can provide you with recommendations for how much active time your dog needs, as it can depend heavily on your dog’s age and breed. Typically, younger dogs will need more active exercise time than older dogs. You can fit in your dog’s exercise time by taking him or her for a walk. You can also give him or her time to run in the yard (if you have one) and to play with toys.

Cycling Through All of the Commands Your Dog Knows

Another routine crucial to the efficacy of your dog’s training, is working on every command your dog knows. If you only practice commands sporadically, your dog is bound to forget what he or she has learned. You’ll need to ensure that you target every command you want your dog to perform. If you’re able, work on every command it learned during your dog’s daily training time. If your dog knows a lot of commands, aim to practice each command every few days.

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