3 Signs Your Pooch Needs Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

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3 Signs Your Pooch Needs Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who happened to get a dog that is naturally calm and well-behaved. However, you are most likely one of the majority of dog owners. Your dog is probably well-meaning and sweet, but has some flaws and bad habits that would give you much more peace of mind if they were gone. If you’ve been considering investing in obedience training, here are a few indicators that your dog could use some obedience education:

Sign #1: Your Dog is Destroying Your Home

Maybe your furniture and your home looked great when you first got a dog. Chances are, they look much different now. Dogs are masters at chewing on furniture, pillows and small knick knacks to relieve teething or just to play. A puppy trainer in Las Vegas can provide you with helpful ideas and training for your dog so that your dog knows to seek other things to chew. If you feel much worse about your home since getting a dog, it may be time to get some dog training support.

Sign #2: You Dread Walking Your Dog 

An untrained dog can be a tremendous hassle to take out for a walk. Additionally, an untrained dog can make you more susceptible to injury, especially if your dog likes to weave back and forth in front of your feet as you walk. Another common issue with dog walking is a dog that attempts to run off and drag you behind in pursuit of squirrels, cars or anything of interest. If you find yourself avoiding taking your dog out for walks, you may want to ask yourself why and consider getting your dog trained.

Sign #3: Taking Your Dog to Meet New People Stresses You Out

Similar to dreading walking your dog, having your dog meet new people can be another common stressor that is helped by dog training. Whether your dog is aggressive, overly excited or anxious and fearful, obedience training can give your dog a sense of security in novel situations. Breaking out in a sweat at the thought of introducing your dog to new acquaintances is an obvious indicator that you need to seek some obedience training. Once your dog has the training that he or she needs, you as a pet owner can gain a whole new lease on life.

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