3 Things That Ruin Your Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

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3 Things That Ruin Your Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

When you sign up for dog training, you may not realize (or even anticipate) that you also need to participate in the training sessions and the at-home daily practice. If you slack off, the investment that you put forth, will be wasted. Here are the mistakes that lead to wasting your dollars when you pay for obedience training:

Inconsistent Practice 

Even if puppy trainer is the one working with your dog, you should allocate at least 15 minutes a day to practicing commands. Practice can be fun too. Your dog will need this time to builds a strong foundation to learn new commands. Practice will enable your dog to not get so fatigued during training and help you from getting frustrated if your dog isn’t performing as planned. So pay attention to the commands and the skills that your trainer is teaching to your dog.

Confusing Commands 

If you’re hoping your dog will be well-trained and well-behaved, you’ll need to use the same commands that your trainer is working on. Some trainers may say “down” when they want your dog to lay down, while others may say “down” when they want your dog to stop jumping up on them. Be certain that you know which commands belong with which behaviors. And, if your trainer is using hand signals along with commands, practice those with your dog as well.

Skipping Obedience Class 

Finally, if you’re paying for the best Las Vegas dog trainer to work with your dog, it’s a terrible idea to skip your dog’s obedience classes. Work hard to bring your dog to classes consistently. Missing training opportunities will only confuse your dog. If you have to miss an obedience class, let your trainer know you can’t come. The more consistency for your dog, the better his or her training will be.

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