A Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas Knows What Skills to Teach at Each Age - Do You?

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A Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas Knows What Skills to Teach at Each Age – Do You?

Getting a puppy is an incredibly exciting step. While everything feels new right now, it will be important for you to take some steps very early to ensure that your dog grows up to be a pet that you enjoy spending time with. If you aren’t quite sure how to lay a good foundation for your puppy’s training, here are some skills and rhythms to start at each age.

Before 6 Months

While the first six months of your puppy’s life are not the ideal time to begin dog obedience training in Las Vegas, they are an ideal time to build trust and establish structure. This is the time to focus on spending quality time with your puppy. Over time, you will become a highly trusted figure in your dog’s eyes. Along with creating trust, building some structure into your days also helps to build your dog’s confidence in you. Try to start off with consistent feeding, playtime, and bedtime. And, since you are likely to house training your puppy at this point, make sure that potty routines stay consistent as well.

By 6 Months

By 6 months of age, the main skill that you will want to teach your dog is consistent recall.  This means that your dog knows to come to you when you call him or her. Begin working on this skill as your dog ages. This skill continues to build on the foundation of trust that you have built with your puppy. The ability to come when you call also helps your dog to stay much safer. And, since puppies are known for their curiosity, a dog who comes when you call can be called away from hazardous activities.

By 1 Year

By one year of age, you can start adding to your puppy’s list of skills. You will also have a better sense of your puppy’s personality. If your puppy often lets stress or anxiety cause him or her to become aggressive, you can also look for aggressive dog training in Las Vegas. This is the age where you can spend a lot of time building on your puppy’s knowledge. It may seem premature to start planning your dog’s training when you first get him, but the proper training will make your dog a pet that you enjoy.

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