Aggressive Dog Training in Las Vegas - Here’s How to Help Your Aggressive Dog

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Aggressive Dog Training in Las Vegas – Here’s How to Help Your Aggressive Dog

While you may love your dog a lot, your pooch may not be endearing him or herself to other people if he is aggressive. When your dog is acting out, you can get nervous about taking your dog to even the most calm events. Whether your dog is occasionally hostile or acting out frequently, there are some steps you can take to help ease your dog’s problem behaviors. Try these out:

Find Your Dog’s Triggers

Every dog has things, actions or people that cause your dog to act aggressively. These factors are your dog’s triggers, and it’s important to find out as much as you can about the things that bother your dog. Especially if you are considering giving your dog service dog training in Las Vegas, your dog’s triggers will make a large difference as far as when your dog acts hostile. Perhaps your dog is overwhelmed by large crowds and starts to snap at others when there are too many people around. Whatever triggers your dog, it’s important for you to know about it and foresee any potential problems.

Adjust How You Expose Your Dog to Triggers

Once you know what causes your dog to act out, you can manage those triggers while you train your dog. Some dogs get scared of loud noises and unpredictable human behavior. In this case, you will want to keep your dog’s training environment reasonably quiet and private. If your dog is triggered by large crowds, work to train him or her in a private environment and slowly work on increasing the size of the crowd that your dog can handle. Exposing your dog to triggering situations in small quantities and low intensities can cause your dog to become desensitized to the trigger.

Be Patient with Your Dog’s Progress 

It’s important for you to remember that your dog’s progress probably will not occur in a straight line. Expect your dog to make some progress and then backslide a bit. It’s not unusual for dog training to include challenges as well as successes. Remember where your dog started in regards to aggressive behavior and try to keep your perspective as you work through this process with your dog. You are asking your dog to change how he or she reacts to stressful situations, and working to create lasting change here.

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