Commands From Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

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Commands From Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Sure, it’s widely known that obedience training produces well-behaved dogs that are pleasant to be around. And, if your dog has his or her share of behavior issues, this alone can be a great reason to sign your dog up for obedience training. What you may not have realized about obedience training is the fact that certain commands can actually keep your dog safe and could, in some instances, save his or her life. Here are a few safety-promoting commands your dog might learning in obedience training:

Lifesaver #1: Heel

While the command to heel, or walk next to the owner, may seem pretty common, it can keep your dog safe when out in the community. Aggressive dog training in Las Vegas can help dogs to stay close to their owners when they’re tempted to act out toward other dogs, and the command to heel can be included in this type of training. Additionally, a dog that can heel next to you can stay out of traffic, which prevents accidents and injuries much more effectively for all dogs.

Lifesaver #2: Drop It

If your dog has been known to pick up dangerous items (or dangerous animals) in his or her mouth, the command to drop items immediately can be a big help. There are plenty of dangerous substances that you don’t want your pooch to eat and this command can get your dog out of immediate danger while you come and remove the problematic item to a less accessible place. Additionally, if your dog has ever attempted to eat bees, wasps, or other pests, the command to drop what he has in his mouth can keep him from getting stung, bit, or hurt.

Lifesaver #3: Emergency Recall 

An emergency recall command is a great multi-situational command that can get your dog out of hot water fast. Emergency recall commands are different than just saying “come.” This command is a separate command that you use when you want your dog to drop whatever he or she is doing and get to you as fast as possible. Choose a special word for this command that is unique (like “now” or “hurry”) and use real treats that are big motivators for your dog (like deli meat or little bits of chicken or steak – with no bones, of course).

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