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Dog boarding LAS VEGAS

We take pride in offering the best dog boarding LAS VEGAS services. Your pet is important to you, and it isn’t always possible for you to take care of them. You can count on us to feed them, interact with them, and keep them safe in your absence. We offer clean and comfortable facilities and excellent staff!

Outstanding Care and Services

Our dog boarding is a good idea if you live in the LAS VEGASs area and need help caring for your pet. You may have to go out of town for business or you are going on a fun trip. We can take care of them for a couple of days or a few weeks, depending on your needs. Our prices are affordable and you never have to worry about your dog while you are away! For those traveling to the area, our dog boarding LAS VEGAS services are ideal! Enjoy what this area has to offer for fun and entertainment.

Most hotels won’t allow you to have your dog with you. Our boarding provides them with the care they need so you can take in the sights and not worry about them. We walk the dogs at least twice per day to get them some exercise and interaction.

Monitoring and Care

Your dog will be monitored while in our care. Should they need any medical attention, it can be administered to them. We use quality dog food for meals but you can also bring your own if you don’t want their food changed during their time with us. We offer grooming and bathing services you may be interested in while they are here. We encourage you to share information with us about your dog before the boarding. This includes their overall health, behaviors, and normal interactions. Such information helps us create the proper environment for your dog to feel safe and comfortable during their time with us.


Contact Us For Dog Boarding

Contact us to discuss your dog boarding needs. We offer a loving and caring place for them to stay when they can’t be at home with you. This includes playtime, going on walks, and administering any medications they may need. Our trained staff is passionate about their care. Your dog will be able to relax, play, and get their needs met while in our care. While there is nothing like being at home with them, this is the next best thing! We welcome you to our facility to take a tour before your dog stays with us. It can give you peace of mind to see where they will stay and how they will be cared for. We can answer any questions you may have. With affordable prices and flexible scheduling, our dog boarding services make it easy for you to get them cared for in your absence

Call Today To Schedule Your Free Dog (or Puppy) Training Consultation

Call Today To Schedule Your Free Dog (or Puppy) Training Consultation


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