Expect Your Dog to Learn These Skills in Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

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Expect Your Dog to Learn These Skills in Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

During Covid, staying at home meant spending a lot of time in your house with your pup. With all that time comes a lot (perhaps too much) exposure to how your dog behaves. If you are displeased with certain behaviors they exhibit, then signing up for obedience training will prove to be a good decision. Wondering what your dog will learn in obedience training? Here are common commands that are usually taught to disruptive dogs:

Walking Through a Crowd Calmly 

One of the foundational skills in obedience training is your dog’s ability to behave appropriately in public. There are a host of ways your dog can attract the wrong kind of attention when you’re in a crowd. Obedience training helps your dog blend-in and navigate large groups without getting distracted or bothering others. For dogs who tend to behave combatively, aggressive dog training in Las Vegas can also help your dog to behave better in a crowd.

Coming When Called 

A wandering puppy can immediately put itself in danger. That’s why obedience training typically includes teaching your dog to immediately come when called. A dog that listens and responds as-trained saves its owner lots of time, energy and worry. After obedience training, you won’t worry as much if you dog escapes the backyard or gets too close to someone else’s aggressive dog. You can call your dog to return to you and continue with your day.

Sitting or Stay on Command 

Obedience trainers know your dog is more approachable and easy to handle when he or she knows how to sit or stay. They know that having a dog perform this action on-command can bring multiple benefits. Among those benefits, to wait patiently during delays (or conversations), while being petted by small children or elderly, or to simply refrain from being swept up in excitement caused from bystanders or other animals.

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