Here’s How a Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas Can Work to Transform Aggressive Dogs

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Here’s How a Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas Can Work to Transform Aggressive Dogs

It can be a huge source of stress if you have a dog that is prone to violence. Your dog’s aggressive behavior can hurt other people, your property and perhaps even you. The good news here is that dog trainers can work with your dog to try and eliminate his confrontational behavior. Here are some of the techniques that trainers use to try and retrain your pup:

Figuring Out What Causes Aggression 

Dog trainers typically start out by determining the antecedents for your dog’s problem behaviors. Antecedents are the circumstances or people that can “bring on” your dog’s aggression. While any dog that is aggressive may not be a candidate for service dog training in Las Vegas, your dog can still learn to be obedient and appropriate after training for aggressive behavior. As much as possible, your dog’s trainer will work to find out what’s causing your dog’s hostility. He or she will probably also try to find common factors in your dog’s triggers. Your dog may be acting hostile whenever he is exposed to things that make him anxious or things related to abuse in his past.

 Exposing Your Dog to Smaller Doses of Aggression-Producing Experiences 

The next step for your dog’s trainer will be to have your dog experience smaller triggers that are less intense versions of the things that provoke him or her. If your dog is hostile toward strangers, your dog’s trainer may have someone walk by your house in view of your dog. This exposes your dog to a stranger, but doesn’t require your dog to actually interact with the stranger. The goal here is to find a small enough dose of this trigger that your dog is able remain calm when he or she is around it.

Rewarding or Readjusting 

Once your dog is exposed to a less intense version of the thing that provokes him or her, your trainer can find out how to proceed. Did your dog stay calm? Your trainer will usually give your dog a reward and proceed to a slightly more intense stimulus. Did your dog act aggressively? Your dog’s trainer will find an even less intense experience to expose your dog to. Over time, this reward and readjustment gradually helps your dog to be calm around things that used to bother him or her.

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