Here’s How a Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas Helps Dogs Socialize Well

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Here’s How a Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas Helps Dogs Socialize Well

Sure, it’s tons of fun to have your dog spend time with your family. However, it’s also important to remember that dogs are pack animals. While your family may serve as a sort of pack, your dog can also benefit from appropriate socialization with other dogs as well. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and intimidated about getting your dog to interact well with other dogs, you’re not alone. But if you use these tips and some advice from your trainer, you can have your dog playing well with others in no time.

Start on Neutral Ground

When you introduce two dogs on territory that is more familiar to one dog (like that dog’s back yard), you give a territorial advantage to that dog. The other dog then tends to feel insecure and can act aggressively. It’s best to find a neutral place where you can introduce the dogs, like a park or a nearby nature trail. When dogs have the chance to meet and interact without worrying about territory, they tend to get along better.

Start with a Training Foundation 

It’s also helpful to have your dog interact with others while he is still young, but also after he’s trained. Dog trainers know that a good foundation of dog obedience training in Las Vegas can help dogs to interact better with other dogs. An obedience training foundation means that your dog can socialize, but will also obey your commands if you need to call him back to you or stop him from doing something that is bothering the other dog. Bringing two well trained dogs together ensures that both dogs know to obey their owners and can exhibit healthy boundaries with each other.

Consider Your Dog’s Likes and Dislikes

When you are deciding who to introduce your dog to, it often helps to pick a dog who compliments your dog. This means that you’ll want to pick a dog who is of a similar size to your dog. It also means that you’ll want a dog that has a temperament that will work well with your dog. If your dog is very anxious, putting him around another anxious and hyper dog may add to his stress level. You’ll want to pick a calm, placid companion for your dog and then you can know you’ve prepped your pooch for success.

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