How a Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas Can Transform Aggressive Dogs

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How a Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas Can Transform Aggressive Dogs

It can be a huge source of stress if you have a dog that’s prone to violence. A dog’s aggressive behavior can hurt people, property, other animals, and even you. The good news is that a dog trainer can work with dogs to eliminate confrontational behavior. Here are some of techniques trainers use to re-train your pup:

Figuring Out What Causes Aggression 

Dog trainers typically start by determining the antecedents for your dog’s problem behaviors. Antecedents are the circumstances or people that can “bring on” your dog’s aggression. Your trainer will work on learning these causes, common factors, and triggers behind your dog’s hostility. Getting to know the dog and understanding it’s history will shine a light on the source of these issues, whether abuse in its past or simply fear or jealousy, professional dog training can come to the rescue.

Exposing Your Dog to Smaller Doses of Aggression-Producing Experiences 

The next step for your trainer, will be exposing your dog to small triggers in a controlled environment. These triggers will be less intense versions of the things that generally provoke him or her. If your dog is hostile toward strangers, your dog’s trainer may have someone walk by your house in view of your dog. This exposes your dog to a stranger, but doesn’t require your dog to actually interact with the stranger. The goal here is to find a small dose of this trigger so your dog can remain calm when he or she is around it. From there, techniques are adjusted in a positive way so your dog becomes more comfortable and less on edge.

Rewarding or Readjusting 

Once your dog is exposed to a less intense version of the thing that provokes him or her, your trainer can determine next steps. Did your dog stay calm? Your trainer will usually give your dog a reward and proceed to a slightly more intense stimulus. Did your dog act aggressively? Your dog’s trainer will find an even less intense experience to expose your dog to. Over time, this reward and readjustment calms your dog around things that used to bother him or her.

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