How a Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas May Add Some Fun to Your Dog’s Training

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How a Puppy Trainer in Las Vegas May Add Some Fun to Your Dog’s Training

When your young dog is working with a puppy trainer, he or she is likely hard at work learning many new skills. There’s no doubt that your puppy is putting in some serious work during training. Training doesn’t have to be completely serious, though. Puppy trainers sometimes utilize games or fun activities to reinforce the skills that puppies have learned during training. Here are a few ways to have fun while working on your puppy’s new commands:

Use Hide-and-Seek to Practice “Come” 

As your puppy’s owner, you can find a place to hide in your house and practice calling your dog to come to you. This gives your dog the chance to practice coming right away when he or she is called. Hide-and-Seek also provides the opportunity for your dog to practice localizing sounds and focusing long enough to find someone that he or she cannot see. Using this activity can be both a fun break and an opportunity to practice and learn for your dog.

Use Tug-of-War to Practice “Drop” or “Release”

Tug-of-War is a fun and challenging game for dogs. It should be noted, though, that dogs who struggle with biting during Tug-of-War might benefit from aggressive dog training in Las Vegas before they use this activity to practice commands. As long as your dog does not become overly aggressive during this game, you can use Tug-of-War as a fun break. It can also be a good time to practice your dog’s “drop” or “release” command. This is the command that you give to your dog when you want him or her to drop the item in their mouth. This command helps keep your dog safe if he is carrying a hazardous item in his or her mouth.

Use a Toy Search to Practice “Stay”

When you want to put in some time practicing your dog’s “stay” command, try having your dog sit in one place while you hide a toy in another location. Practicing this command helps your dog get repeated practice for the “stay” command and it provides a chance to practice delaying gratification as well. When your dog is released from the “stay” command, he or she can search for the toy until it is found. By incorporating these fun ideas, your dog can learn while having a great time.

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