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Puppy Training LAS VEGAS

For many first time dog owners, a puppy is their first choice. Many people don’t realize that they’ll eventually have to train that puppy to be more obedient.

I’ve trained many puppies in my lifetime. Potty training, sitting down, off leash in public with people and more. For many pet owners, a puppy is usually their first dog. That first dog should be a good experience and not a problem one. You don’t want your puppy peeing all over your house and constantly barking and making a mess of things.

We at Gibson’s Canine make sure your dog or puppy is potty trained, not fearful and over protective and can get along with other dogs and people. We offer in home training at your location.

What we do for Puppy training LAS VEGAS

Dog obedience­ We make sure dog obeys the owner

Puppy manners­ how puppies conduct themselves around others behavior problems­ We help fix behavioral issues Housebreaking­ We help cut down on the mess they make.

Potty training­ We train them to potty train properly Digging

Chewing­ Help them stop chewing on household items Jumping­ Calm them down

aggression­ Help puppies become less aggressive

Leash training­ Help puppies become more responsible without a leash

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We focus on relationship building between humans and other animals. We want to create a step by step process structure when training puppies.

Puppy training process

We test the behavior of the dog. We see how it currently operates in it’s current surrounding. We need to show the puppy that the world is not a place to be afraid or angry at. It takes time to build and changes the psyche of the dog. We see what cause aggressions and impulses. We try to get that into control with our advanced dog training techniques. We do offleash and on leash training. We do some polity play and see how the dog interacts with other beings. We do this all in the comfort of your home. It’s never too late to contact a LAS VEGAS puppy trainer.

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