These Qualities Make a Dog a Great Candidate for Service Dog Training in Las Vegas

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These Qualities Make a Dog a Great Candidate for Service Dog Training in Las Vegas

If you are newly in need of a service dog, you may be wondering if the dog you already have could be trained to become a service dog. Service dogs are incredibly helpful, and if you already have a pup, getting your own dog to act as a service dog may sound great. However, not every dog would make an effective service dog. Here are some of the traits that trainers look for when deciding if a dog would work well as a service dog:

They Don’t Make a Mess

There are certain dog breeds that a puppy trainer in Las Vegas will tell you not to train as a service dog. These include dog breeds that tend to leave a mess in their wake. While they don’t do it intentionally, some dog breeds tend to drool excessively. Other dog breeds shed a lot, no matter what time of year it is. These breeds usually don’t work very well as service dogs because they leave a mess when they go out in public. They may also be tough for their owner to clean up after.

They Do Well With People

Since service dogs spend a lot of time out in public with their owners, they need to handle strangers well. Very few people in public are going to be familiar to them, and a hostile dog just adds one more problem to the owner’s difficulties. It also helps if the dog is fairly calm in public. Dogs that have a high anxiety level can become agitated in public if something unexpected happens. An owner needs a  Service dog training las vegas that can help him or her in public without acting too aggressively or anxiously.

They Learn New Things Well 

Services dogs need to learn how to help their owners. This means that they will need to have a full understanding of how to follow many new commands in order to do their job well. Dogs that do not possess much intelligence are going to struggle to learn all of the new information that’s thrown at them. Thinking that your own pooch might be able to join the ranks of service dogs in your area? These tips can help you to discern whether the dog you already have would be a good fit as your new service dog.

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