Things to Know Before You Start Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

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Things to Know Before You Start Dog Obedience Training in Las Vegas

It’s exciting when you’ve committed to a dog obedience class. You can look forward to your dog learning new commands and behaving more appropriately around people. However, there are some important things that you’ll need to expect before you jump into your dog’s obedience training class. Here are a few important facts to help you, as an owner, know how to manage your dog’s obedience training:

You’ll Need to Adjust for Your Dog’s Attention Span

Experts say that dogs of any age are capable of being trained. However, your results are going to vary based on your dog’s age and attention span. Puppies are extremely teachable, but they also have very short attention spans. If you’re planning on taking your puppy to service dog training las vegas, expect his attention to peter out after a short time. If you’re training an adult dog, you can expect him to focus for longer periods of training. Knowing what to expect in terms of attention can help you not to get frustrated with your dog.

You Need to Practice With Your Dog Every Day 

When your dog learns a new command at obedience class, it’s not enough to practice at class and then save your next practice for the next class. Your dog needs to practice what he or she has learned every day for approximately 15 minutes. These minutes can be broken up into smaller amounts throughout the day so that you (and your dog) don’t feel like it’s a huge chore to practice. It also helps your dog to practice with each different family member and in different parts of your house, so that he or she truly learns to obey in every situation.

You Can Use Obedience Training as a Socialization Opportunity 

Once your dog starts obedience class, he or she may be able to use this as valuable socialization time. If your dog is very hostile toward other dogs, you may want to seek aggressive dog training in Las Vegas before having him around other dogs. If, however, your dog is friendly, you can use obedience classes as training and as social time for your pup. Letting your dog have time with other dogs gives him or her new experiences. It also helps your dog to practice following new commands around other dogs and in the midst of distractions.

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