Tips on How to Keep Your Dog in Best Behavior in Public Spaces

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Tips on How to Keep Your Dog in Best Behavior in Public Spaces

A dog’s behavior at home and in public can be very different. In public, they are a lot of things going on that enthuses the dog, and trying to keep them calm and well behaved is completely against their basic instincts.

Dogs come with completely different personalities. There are some dogs that are very scared in public and can lash out when they are nervous or overwhelmed. Dogs do suffer from anxiety and fear and some do shut down and refuse to move whilst others show a lot of aggression. Dogs can be trained to be very well mannered in public, but it takes time and a lot of patience. A few tips here can help you:

1.   Start them young – The best thing you can do for your dog is training and exposing them early to all kinds of environments and stimuli. Doing this will help them get used to them from an early age. Doing this type of training is as essential as getting a vaccination.

2. Teach basic commands – Teach your dog basic commands like – sit, stand, stop and stay. The stay command is essential as it can train the dog to relax and keep calm in all environments. These obedience command training will help you keep your dog in check, whenever you go out in public. It is all about repetition and being patient with your pet.

3.    Reward System – When the dog looks at you for assurance give it a treat. During training, when they complete the command, give them a treat as part of their training. This will motivate them to do better as they are always looking out for their reward.

4.    Keep your distance from other dogs initially – When you start out training initially, keep your dog at least 5-6 feet away from other dogs. Dogs can be aggressive and you don’t know how the other dog will respond to yours.

5.    Have a plan B if things don’t go according to plan – Initially there can be a few setbacks, and the dog may not respond to your command. Give yourself and your dog time to calm down, and start over. Always try to end the training in a happy and joyous mood.

If you feel like you are unable to train the dog on your own, there are puppy trainers in Las Vegas that you can contact.

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