Tips to Keep Your Dog on Best Behavior in Public Spaces

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Tips to Keep Your Dog on Best Behavior in Public Spaces

Dogs come with completely different personalities, which turn-on and -off depending on their environment. In public, some dogs are overly enthused and it’s hard to keep them calm. Others, can be scared and may lash out when threatened or overwhelmed. Dogs can suffer from anxiety and fear too, making them shut down and refuse to move, while others show a lot of aggression. Dogs can be trained to be well-mannered in public, but it takes time and patience. A few tips here can help you:

1. Start Them Young – The best thing you can do is dog training classes. Part of training will expose them early to different environments and stimuli. Doing this will help them navigate situations from an early age, giving them lots of practice and time to perfect.

2. Teach Basic Commands – Teach your dog basic commands like – sit, stand, stop, and stay. Obedience command like these learned in training, help keep your dog in-check in public. It is all about repetition and being patient with your pet.

3. Reward System – Positive reinforcement is a sweeter tool than negativity. During training, when your dog completes a command, give it a treat. This will motivate him or her to do better, and keep doing in order to get their next reward. Eventually these learned behaviors become habit without treats, at that time a simple pat on the head or “good boy” will do.

4.    Keep Distance Between Other Dogs – When you begin training initially, keep your dog at least 5-6 feet from other dogs. Dogs can be aggressive. They can also be distracting. You’ll need that space to help them focus on lessons and listen to you.

5.    Be Prepared With a Plan B – Initially there can be setbacks when training. Your dog may not respond to your commands or may stop after doing so well for so long. Give yourself and your dog a little grace, and a little time. When feeling frustrated, plan to take breaks and play or do something you both enjoy. When you get back to lessons, you’ll have had a positive interaction between you, cleansing the mood and making room for progress again.

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